We have classes for all ages with teachers who joyfully invest themselves in the lives of their classmates. You will find the full list of classes that we offer below.

Here are answers to some common questions you may have:
Q: Who can attend Sunday School?
A: Everyone. You don’t have to be a member – we excitedly welcome visitors of all shapes, sizes, and spiritual maturities!

Q: How prepared will I need to be?
A: Our lessons are self-contained, so that you can join in on any given Sunday without feeling left behind for having missed the previous week.

Sunday School Director: Randy Pruitt

Children's Division
ClassAgesMeeting PlaceTeachers
NurseryAges 0-1Downstairs, Main BuildingHeather Adams
Kristi Carter
Susan Harger
Early LearnersAges 2-4Downstairs, Main BuildingJennifer Adkins
Linda Bennett
Lou Vaughn
New SchoolersGrades K-1Downstairs, Main BuildingBrenda Parker
David Parker
ElementariansGrades 2-3Upstairs, Central Building
(Above Lower Fellowship Hall)
Gail Watford
Jeanette King
Brandy Williams
TweenagersGrades 4-6Upstairs, Central Building
(Above Lower Fellowship Hall)
Bill Oakley
Shanon Vernon
Youth Division
ClassAgesMeeting PlaceTeachers
YouthGrades 7-12Upstairs, Central Building
(Above Lower Fellowship Hall)
Lynn Flowers
Melanie Kalinowski
Adult Division
ClassAudienceMeeting PlaceTeachers
Adult 1Young Adults With No Children
Young Adults With Children Not Yet In School
Adult 1 Classroom
(Upstairs, Main Building)
Cathy Brown
Steve Flowers
The Upper RoomAdults 30-493rd Floor Prayer Room
(Upstairs, Main Building)
Bruce Boggs
Jeremy Parker
Adult 350-65Adult 3 Classroom
(Upstairs, Main Building)
Lonnie Sechrist
Bonnie Smith
Adult 566-75Adult 5 Classroom
(Downstairs, Main Building)
Marilyn Swinson
Sonya Foley
Adult 676+Downstairs, Central Building
(Lower Fellowship Hall)
Robert Downs
Tony Worthington