7-08-2020 (Wednesday)

3 Minutes with Pastor Thane

  1. We are meeting every Sunday morning at 9 and 11 am. Cleaning is done before, between and after each service.  This is a deep spray and wipe down of every surface in the Upper Fellowship Hall.
  2. Please bring you own mask if you desire to wear one. We have a few at each entry point at the church.  Some wear masks and some don’t.  We are abiding by Safe Distancing Guidelines.
  3. We still ask you to weekly call Linda at the office (336-427-2600) with your preferred time of worship attendance. This helps with logistics.
  4. Our Sunday morning messages are on line at woodbinebc.org. We know the sound is not good and we are working on the problem.
  5. You come back when you feel safe. More are returning weekly.  We are doing everything we can to make everyone’s safety a priority.


Here are some guidelines…

  • Calling                        Everyone should call church office with your names and preference for worship time

                                               Call Linda at 336-427-2600 by Thursday Noon

  •  Parking                      An attendant will be in the parking lot to help.    Extra handicap parking available.
  • Entering                     Upper Fellowship Hall  – Three doors for entrance and exit.
  • Sanitizing                   Stations and supplies available at each entry point.     Bring your own mask if you desire to wear one.
  • Social Distancing     Chairs are set up in advance according to Social Distance Guidelines.  You may sit with your family unit.
  • Children                     All children will sit with your family unit.    No nursery or children’s activities.
  • Offering                     Two boxes will be readily available
  • Exit Promptly          To allow cleaning