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05/12/19 A.M. Sermon2019-05-12AM Waves of Worship Revelation 5default player / download
05/05/19 A.M. Sermon2019-05-05AM God's Plan for Eternitydefault player / download
05/05/19 P.M. Sermon2019-05-05PM God's Plan for Eternity Part 2default player / download
04/28/19 A.M. Sermon2019-04-28AM A Peek into Heaven Rev 4:1-11default player / download
04/21/19 A.M. Sermon2019-04-21AM Gathered Together with Purpose default player / download
04/14/19 A.M. Sermon2019-04-19AM The Church that Yawned at God Rev 3:14-19default player / download
04/07/19 A.M. Sermon2019-04-07AM A Small Church with Big Opportunity Rev 3:7-13default player / download
04/07/19 P.M. Sermon2019-04-07PM The Gospel in One Verse Romans 5:8default player / download
03/31/19 A.M. Sermon2019-03-31 Penn McMichael Testimonydefault player / download
03/24/19 A.M. Sermon2019-03-24AM Church or Morgue Rev 3:1-6default player / download